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Since 1994 the Mustang program has stood for more than just fooball; The program is more about sportsmanship, discipline, commitment, teamwork, hard work, character development, and being a stand up citizen both on and off the field.

The Mustang program is special and different for many reasons. The practices are intense and conditioning is challenging. The lesson learned; there are no short cuts in life. Anything of value has to be earned. Mustang priorities are family, school, friendships, and then football. Without the first three priorities, you can't be a true Mustang. Most of our players who go on to high school or other football practices find that the practices are easier than those they have been through with the Mustangs, making them better prepared for football at the next level. Mustang conditioning is a staple of the program and has helped ensure player's safety. When a player has participated in a full season of the Mustang Football program it makes a statement, the statement, that the player has endured and overcome, raising his or her own personal bar. Once a Mustang player leaves the program they are only gone in body, the lessons learned in the Mustang program last a lifetime.